For whatever reason you decide to return the product, it can be done within 21 day from the date of purchase, providing the original receipt and returning the purchased goods in original, unopened package with the cellophane unopened. A replacement product of the same or greater value can be chosen. An email, stating the order number and the products to be swapped, must be sent.

The shipping costs are covered by the buyer.

Our products’ origin is from Central Europe only, we have selected products to avoid any shipments from Greece and Turkey. So all products are genuine, with trackable barcodes, EAN and legal tax documents, so products cannot be returned on ‘not authentic’ or ‘do not like’ basis. is selling only authentic, EU registered production.

All the prices are shown including 19% VAT. The prices in shop and online shop may differ.

By registering with you confirm that you are 16 years of age or older and that all the information is correct and up-to-date.

If by any reason we are not able to provide you with the products you have purchased, we will return you the paid amount via bank transfer or offer a replacement product, or you can wait until it is available.

Any complaints should be sent to, we will process them in 3 working days.

Delivery and Shipping

Delivery is carried out by GAP AKIS Express courier. All the standard charges you pay for delivery is related to GAP AKIS Express charges. All the purchased products will be handed to GAP AKIS Express on the same day if it is ordered before 3 p.m. otherwise they will be handed the next day.